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This Page is for our Volunteer Home-Printers

First of All – Thank you for volunteering to print these vitally important Face Shields. We have reached the limit of our ability to support the requirement for Face Shields and have sent out over 10,000 of them.

Please contact me before you print any more.

We really appreciate the work you did and we know from the comments we are getting back from our users that they are unbelievably grateful.

Some of you have asked why it was we couldn’t just give the units away to the front line teams. The answer is that, whilst we would love to, we needed to cover the cost of the raw materials and the cost of distributing (including cleaning them prior to delivery). We are a small company and whilst your involvement has helped us significantly increase production, we did still have to cover the cost of stocking, order management and delivery.

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What You Do

Click on the image below to find details of how to download the STL Files, the printer parameters and the ‘how to print’ instructions.

You should find everything you need to know. If anything is unclear then either call 01296 434 666 or email us at vols.my3dppe@gmail.com

PLEASE SEND some fun pictures of your printers in action and we’ll post them all here!

Happy in our work

What We Do

Currently we have 20 machines working 24 hours per day and all staffed by our team who have diverted form their normal work.

We take orders by phone, email and social media and then try to fulfill them as quickly as possible

To fulfill and order we select the number of visors required, clean them thoroughly and then pack them ready for dispatch. They are either delivered directly by our drivers or sent by courier to the users.

All the while, our team are seeking better more efficient ways of producing the units, sourcing new materials and dealing with queries literally from all over the UK.

For as many as we can

We originally intended this to be a service to one or two of the medical centres in our immediate vicinity and it has become a 24/7 operation with the printers running at full capacity just to try and keep up with the demand.

It is a huge privilege to be able to help and we are pleased to be able to do so.

Let’s make something together.

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