Personal Protection Face Visors

Working with some clever designers, we are delighted to be able to print the VERKSTAN Protective Visor

Please click on the links below and tell us how many visors you would like –

They come in packs of 5 to keep the maths easy

We will get back to you by return with timings and prices


NB : IF you have any problems with the above link please email us at

To purchase individual visors (or just a few) click HERE :

1) Before you proceed with your request, please take note that:
· face shields are printed on domestic 3D printers and are non-CE marked.
· face shields are intended as single use only. Discard after use. Do not reuse and dispose of after use
2) By proceeding with a request, you confirm that you have read and understood this Disclaimer and agree to using the face shields in line with all relevant guidance.

Easy to assemble and light to wear. Used properly, the visor will help protect your face from vapour droplets when in the presence of ill patients

The visor is tested and approved by staff all over the world but there are a lot of different regulations regarding medical supplies, please make sure to follow authority guidelines that applies within your region

9 thoughts on “Personal Protection Face Visors

  1. I am a GP and would like to purchase these for my staff and other colleagues.
    I would like to purchase 50 please.


  2. I am an osteopath in Wheatley who is shielding for 12 weeks then I don’t know what to do when I have to treat again as I have a respiratory disease so will have no business unless I wear a visor. Can youb confirm how much they will be. If single use I am unsure how many whether every patient or once a day but I saw your post on fb last week excellent


  3. Hi I work for the Childrens and Young Peoples Complex Health Package based at the Countess of Chester Hospital, As we work with Children with end of life conditions in the community and many of my colleagues and myself work with children who are on c pap and Bi pap these would be ideal to protect ourselves . We are a team of 60 and could really do with these to protect us . Many thanks x


  4. Hi, I work in a Dementia home, this would help us to protect our residents also ourselves. Myself and colleagues would be grateful with any amount you could give. We have 18 residents. Thank you


  5. Hi

    I am the manager of a GP practices and support around 20 other practices. We could use your visors. Could you give me a price per unit and time scales?


  6. I am a podiatrist and I would like to please purchase 50 to help keep my colleague and I safe and our patients


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